It's interesting to see how the body is connected, and how old injuries or habits cause the body to compensate letting some muscle groups go dormant.Bruce Redden, Electrictian

After the first session, I felt a "lightness" in my upper body - like it could move more freely than it had before - this continued throughout the treatments and still is there. I also felt an improvement in my posture. During many of the sessions I felt "connections" in my body that I had never felt before.Joanne Mathews, Executive Communications

I went to see Dorothy after several years of trying various other options (including extensive PT and also massage) as a last attempt at a non-surgical option. It was the best choice I have made! After only two sessions I had relief from pain I had been experiencing for almost a year and things continued to improve throughout the sessions I spent with Dorothy. I was amazed at the difference made by such a non-invasive treatment option.Kathy Smith, Instructor, COCC

As a competitive equestrian, I've struggled with back pain for years. Dorothy got right to the core of my tightness and pain, and helped me learn to carry my body in a whole new way. Riding is now a pain-free and fun experience again, thanks to Dorothy's magical work.Elicia Putnam, CEO, PrestoBox

Between the Rolfing sessions I could feel my body's intelligence relearn movements as simple as walking and I was surprised that I was able to do the movement of jogging for the first time in my life. Dorothy gives take-home skills that are gentle and helpful. Since finishing the series, I continue to do some of the guided gentle movements Dorothy taught me, and find them the key for resetting the freedom of movement when it seems like I've lost it. Throughout the sessions, one of my main areas of gratitude is that even though she is a movement expert and knows the full potential of movement, she never pushed me to go beyond what my body was learning at the moment. Instead, Dorothy was consistently affirming and guiding. If you are wondering what can ten sessions change in you after decades of the same habits, don't doubt that Rolfing will help you acquire new movement strategies that have lasting effects.Tanuja Goulet, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Working through my weekly series with Dorothy was both physically rewarding and educational. Each session built upon the previous one creating a foundation for my muscle movement in my daily life. This process improved how I walk, sit at my office and even my golf game in addition to teaching me how my muscles are meant to work.John Murphy, President/CEO Zuri Group

Dorothy is a highly competent and very intuitive Rolfing practitioner. She listens with intent and gives knowledgeable feedback with compassion and professionalism. After my personal ten series, my body feels more connected and balanced with an overall awareness of my core strength. Understanding that I have had chronic foot pain, Dorothy paid specific attention to my feet in our sessions as well as sharing at home personalized exercises. Within the first few sessions it was clear that her work was effective. I was feeling an amazing sense of relief and I am happy to say I was able to walk for three miles pain-free! I highly recommend Dorothy to anyone interested in effective holistic treatments for pain as well those looking to maintain optimal well-being.Kelley O'Rourke Moore, Arbonne Consultant

A fantastic reset for your body! After being in and out of Physical Therapy for 2 years, working with Dorothy helped my body remember how it was supposed to move, align and support itself again. Each session built upon the previous session and the practice was amazing. I now have several tools and cues to use when needed. Dana W.

Since giving birth to my two daughters, I had been having hip issues and a lot of pain. My right hip was pressing on the sciatic nerve which made it painful to walk or do anything. I had tried physical therapy without much success so decided to check out Rolfing. Dorothy helped me understand the way I was walking and sitting were part of the problem. She looked beyond the immediate issues to find the cause and worked on my body as a whole. She has given me exercises I can do at home to help stay properly aligned and I can always go visit her for a follow up. It has been three years and I have been able to stay pain free with my exercises and periodic visits. I am more in tune with my body and feel better because Dorothy has helped me feel and move better. Dianna Freitag, Personal Chef

Dorothy has been an amazing resource for me as I've endured some significant physical challenges related to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. She has been both healer and educator/facilitator to help me heal myself. In addition to manual therapies, and assessment and retraining of many of my movement patterns, Dorothy also helped me to recognize and interrupt the psychological patterns of pain. Where chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and PT failed to provide me any lasting relief or healing (on top of the MRI, ultrasound, surgical consults and multiple urgent care visits) Dorothy's approach has succeeded and helped me to thrive. She is now treating me through a third pregnancy, a time when many other practitioners go "hands off", and we've been able to work together to maintain consistent structural health that has given me tremendous confidence and ease.Megan Sharp, Artist/Homemaker

For years I've struggled with a stiff body. While fairly athletic, I never felt that I was able to move with ease. Instead, it was work to do the things that I love. But after working with Dorothy, things have shifted. For the first time, my body feels aligned, and movement has become easier, more natural. I stand taller, and sitting has become more comfortable as I now have knowledge about proper alignment. Dorothy's intuitive instincts identified areas of my body that needed adjustments. And, her knowledge of human anatomy combined with an adept ability to communicate with her clients allowed her to identify my weaknesses and restore flexibility. A true professional, Dorothy utilized her techniques to restore proper movement to my body. Working with Dorothy has been a pleasure. She is a special lady! Michelle Davis, Author

Working with Dorothy has been truly transformational. Not only was she able to help me heal the injuries in my knee and low back, I also feel so much more grounded in my body every day. The gentle way that she activates the parasympathetic nervous system allowed my overused and under-appreciated body parts to return to their natural, aligned state. And with Dorothy's guidance, excellent teaching skills, and handout materials, I can maintain this new-found health in my body with simple home practices. I had honestly thought, "Oh, I guess this is what getting older feels like," but now, while I am still aging, I feel confident that I can maintain an active and balanced lifestyle.Dr. Mary Meador, Family Physician

Dorothy is gentle and attentive. Her active listening approach and highly skilled hands translate to a very intentional treatment. My experiences have shown immediate results after a single session and a higher and better understanding of my body awareness and mechanics. An added bonus, Dorothy is simply a delightful human being!Stephanie H.

After teaching guitar for nearly 10 years, mild scoliosis, and a recent car accident, I was bit of a mess. Simple things like sitting and standing would become extremely painful. Since seeing Dorothy, not only is the pain gone, but I can finally sit and walk as nature intended! I highly recommend seeing her for at least 10 sessions to receive the full benefits of her treatment plan. Thank you Dorothy!Andrew Cooper - Video Marketing

Amazing! Simply UH MAZE ING! I knew nothing of rolfing but have suffered from chronic and sometimes debilitating back and related issues. A client of mine recommended Dorothy and I am so Blessed that I listened. Dorothy is thoughtful, thorough and precise in her practice. I experienced a full night sleep for the first time in approx 9 months. I look forward to continuing my health journey with her.Kelly Tracy-Holly, Owner Endless Beauty Skincare

I am an older runner who had what I thought was a hip problem. Two people that I respect recommended Dorothy for my chronic hip problem; one that I spent months trying to repair. Our ten weekly sessions were an unfolding revelation. Every week I learned something new about my old body. As she led our exploration, Dorothy explained what was and wasn't working well. With clear guidance, she corrected what wasn't right. Dorothy provided understandable explanations at each step. And, at the end of each session she gave me exercises to do at home. They worked. I now see Dorothy once a month for a check-in, progress review and any corrective measures she spots. As part of my overall rehab, Dorothy recommended exercises for my feet, which I have always ignored. She provided me with exercises, YouTube exercise videos and shoe recommendations. My feet are grateful. I had no idea. I feel better than I have in many years and am back to running, stretching and lifting pain free. ImportSteve Phillips, Economist

I've always struggled with posture and other issues stemming from years of racing bicycles. Being in my 20s, I generally would shrug off or make minimal attempts to fix these issues. Dorothy, however, was one of the first individuals to fully make me check-in with my body and work toward healing the issues I was aware and not aware of. Her knowledge of the body and Rolfing techniques ensured I experienced real positive change after each session that had a noticeable impact on my movement. I cannot recommend and thank Dorothy enough for her help (and amazing recommendations for weekend activities in Central Oregon).Zach B.

Dorothy is an incredible bodyworker. I left my session feeling better than I have in years. She listens intently, skillfully crafts her session to look for root sources of problems. I'm so grateful I found her!Michelle Licha Oros

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